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As I sit here tonight working on the web site with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. Every now and then I received a very warm and wonderful letter in the mail form a Ghost Rider commending me on a job well done. The letters and the donations tell me how important it is to keep this web site on line. I never thought this web site could be that big of a deal to anyone. I am so grateful and so proud of what the web site has come to be it makes me speechless.

To find out how you can make a donation to the Site go to the Plank Owners page (Click Here)

This site began in early 1995 as a way to let people know what it was like. I later found they will never understand, to them it is all a STORY.

So the format changed and is now directed at the men who served in VA-164, the one's who lived the STORY.

We went on line in mid 1995 on the xoom.com. 1998 it was pacbell.net.
2001 it was ihcsfresno.com.
03/06/05 10 years after the start and it's

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Attack Squadron 164
Ghost Riders
Internet: ghostrider@VA-164.org

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