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Send in your fun stuff that has to do with Navy Life. If it is good enough I will add it with the others on the left.


The following was published in the December issue of the QB Beam . Supposedly, it was written by a fifth grader. It was taken from the Naval Aviation Museum newsletter.

"I want to be a Naval Aviator when I grow up because it's a fun and easy thing to do. Naval Aviators don't need much school. They just have to learn numbers so they can read instruments. I guess they should be able to read maps so they can find their way if they are lost. Naval Aviators should be brave so they won't be scared if it's foggy and they can't see or if a wing or motor falls off they should stay calm so they'll know what to do. Naval Aviators have to have good eyes so they can see through clouds and they can't be afraid of lightning or thunder because they are closer to them than we are. The salary Naval Aviators make is another thing I like. They make more money than they can spend. This is because most people think airplane flying is dangerous, except Naval Aviators don't because they know how easy it is. There isn't much I don't like, except girls like Naval Aviators and all the stewardesses want to marry them, so they always have to chase them away so they won't bother them. I hope I don't get air sick because if I do, I couldn't be a Naval Aviator and then would have to go to work.

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