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Subic Bay
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600 x 800



(to the tune ... The Ballad Of The Green Berets)

I joined the Navy for 16 years,

Sailed the seas it brought her tears.

16 years I'm running loose,

16 years still seaman duce.

Horney sailors upon my ship,

We must sail while others sleep,

1000 miles we'll sail today,

To see our girls in Subic Bay

Silver dollars upon her chest,

She'll go short time with Americas best.

100 men she'll lay today

But only three the normal way.

Take me down around this joint,

Our ship was anchored at Cubi Point.

There's a girl I laid today,

Now next day I'm in sick bay.

Silver dollars upon her chest,

She'll go short time

With America's best.

100 men she'll lay today

but only three the normal way

I know this song wont be a hit,

For horney sailors don't give a shit.

But there's one thing those sailors say,

I had good times in Subic Bay

My Old Haunt
But in my days the roads had no pavement.


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