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600 x 800


Bill Miller 73-75
Bill Span 67-69
Curtis Bachtell 71-72
Dennis Carroll 72-74
Don Rasmusson 69-72
Harold Ballenger
Jerry Bushman 75
Joe Stasikonis 1
Joe Stasikonis 2
Joe Stasikonis 3
Joe Stasikonis 4
Jud Whitiker 66-69
Ken Lambert 65-67
Marvin Johnson 65-69
Robert Richard 65
Tom Gierhart 72-75

I you are a past member of Attack Squadron 164 and you have not done so yet..... Please hit the registration button at the top of the screen and register. Becoming a member is FREE and has it's benefits.


On the left you will find lots of pictures and STUFF sent in by Ghost Riders.

If you are a member of VA-164 or a family member of someone that served in VA-164.

This Web Site belongs to you and your contributions of pictures, writings, old copies of The Long Chain Squadron News Letter that was sent home form overseas. These items are needed to record the 14 years of the Squadrons existence.

Most of this stuff can be copied to disk at any copy center and sent to me by E-Mail, or let me know and I will give you my address and you can send it by Snail Mail and I will return it to you once I have made a copy.


Hat's off to our contributors.





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