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Plank Owners
In Memoriam Muster Plank Owners Duty List


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2006 Plank Owners

Joe Stasikonis 65-69

Pete Caldwell, 67-70

Tom Gierhart 72-75

(Gunner) Henry F. Dove 60-69

Bill Span 67-69

James R. O'Malley 68-70

Dick Hamon 62-65

Albert Evangelista  67-70

As I sit here tonight working on the web site with a smile on my face and a tear in my eye. Every now and then I received a very warm and wonderful letter in the mail form a Ghost Rider commending me on a job well done. The letters and the donations tell me how important it is to keep this web site on line. I never thought this web site could be that big of a deal to anyone. I am so grateful and so proud of what the web site has come to be it makes me speechless.


Any Monetary Donation Gets You On The List 

Become a VA-164.org Plank Owner. All donations are welcome. 100% of the funds goes into the site for research, site fees, software, computer upgrades and domain coasts. We do not accept commercial advertising of any kind. This site is supported solely by it's members:

Operation cost so far this Year (Labor not included):

WPP (Web Presence Provider)        $131.28
Domain Name                               $15.00
Software upgrades                       $609.00
     Total                                    $755.28

Send your donation to:

VA-164 Website
C/O Joe Stasikonis
3861 N. Renn Ave
Fresno, CA. 93727

Make checks payable to Joe Stasikonis
Include your Email address and phone number.

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