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12/30/06 Added a bunch of new names to the Muster page. Added 2 videos to the bottom of the Oriskany page about the sinking. Added Vietnam War Flash to the Vietnam page

04/06/06 Set up first official poll and added "New Ghost Riders" video to the Fun Stuff

03/24/06 Added Polling software for testing at the top of each page.

03/19/06 Added and testing new guest book. At the top of each page. This on records IP addresses and sends a copy of all entries to the webmaster for confirmation. It also requires email address but will not show it in the post. This is a much more secure Guest Book and may help with our hackers and spamer problem.

03/05/06 Posted Officers Reunion plans on Reunion page. Removed the Guest Book do to hackers defacing and flooding it. I have a new guest book program I will attempt to install that will require webmaster approval before it will post to the site. I am working on that now.

01/25/06 Updated the In Memoriam page

01/23/06 added Jud Whitaker Album

01/01/06 Started to Re-Format the complete site.

08/14/05 Closed - guestbook and poll due to hackers creating problems will reopen when I get some new safer software.

08/01/05 Site hacked by anti-war group as a passive aggressive action. The new kind of terrorist.

03/06/05 Moved to our new home at www.va-164.org Updated and changed format for Roll Call Page and added password. Added new guest book.

07/20/04 Added Reunions and Current Events Page

11/10/02 Added YEOMAN'S DESK DRAWER and CONTRIBUTIONS BY MEMBERS and the USS Hornet Museum, Alameda California. Updated the Roll Call page.

08/31/02 Added stuff from Bill And Joe and started on reunion page. Updated Roll Call

04/01/01 Added new Guestbook

03/23/01 WELCOME to our new home at www.ihcsfresno.com/va164/ We are now part of the In Home Computer Service. This means more updates and more content.

Added Screen Savers. 
Had to remove Guest Book and counters until new one's can be made.
Started work on finding a new host for the web site.

Started work on the VA-164 Screen Saver and the Aircraft Nose Art Screen Saver. 

Email address change
Remember When Page added
Closed Mirror Site on ATT

Added thumbnails to pictures so pages load faster.
Added copy of First Change Of Command. Thanks Milo.
Updated Roll Call
Started Mirror Site On ATT

Changed all the Java Slide Shows to a new format that runs much better.
The Oriskany and the Hancock Float once again.

06/10/95 Started working on site


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